Friday, August 27, 2010

A Cost Efficient Security Light For Your Home

A Cost Efficient Security Light For Your Home.
Solar Security lights have been around for a few years now, but until recently the solar security light has not been a substitute for conventional security lights.
We have just tested the Evo 56 Solar Security Light and it is surprisingly bright, very easy to install and there are no operating costs, as electricity prices and environmental pressures soar the evo security light range are proving to be a clear winner .
The other advantage of using solar lights being that there is no need for mains wiring, these lights can be placed in areas where mains lighting cannot or is too expensive to fit , with solar lighting there is no need to have a qualified electrician to install either.
Technology has moved on, the evo range has Passive infra red sensitivity adjustment, Lux setting so you can choose how dark it is before the light starts to operate and lighting time adjustment, giving it more features than your standard security lamp.

The Evo Security light is also designed to work during the winter months as it is supplied with high capacity 2000mAh batteries and if you live in a low light area an additional 2W booster panel can be fitting to the unit to ensure the lamp will continue to work in the worst weather conditions.

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